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Do you know how to print the pattern on the Wooden Slices Craft?


Do you know how to print the pattern on the Wooden Slices Craft?

With the wide application of wooden crafts,ike Wooden Coasters,Wooden Slices Craft, Wooden Ornament, Wooden Sign, Tag, Wooden Pendant, Nameplates, Wooden Welcome Sign, Wooden Keychain;We like to customize wooden slices craft with your favorite star, anime or animal patterns.

First of all, we need to understand how many ways are there for pattern printing on wood products? 

1/Screen Printing

The characteristics of screen printing: the printing color is bright, the printing layer is thick, and it is suitable for patterns with inconspicuous lines; this process is not only suitable for printing on soft items such as paper and cloth, but also on hard items, such as: glass, ceramics Wait; But it can only print one color and cannot print more detailed patterns

2/Oil printing
Materials used are paint coatings, brushes, etc.Suitable for DIY printing, you can print and process by yourself, increase the fun;

3/UV Printing
The pattern of UV printing is relatively bright, the three-dimensional effect is strong, the picture quality is clear, the application range is wide, and the printing is fast; small batch production will not increase the cost and waste;Wide selection of materials, acrylic, wood, leather, plastic

Therefore, for wooden slices crafts, UV printing is easier to operate and can be manufactured in small batches, which is convenient for proofing,and easy to use,just need one people.

By the way

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is coming soon.the great game for all over the world,are you ready?we will design kind of tags or gifts with this great game, such as wooden 2022 FIFA World Cup pendant,2022 FIFA World Cup Acrylic key chain. or kind of 2022 FIFA World Cup sign and toys,who will win the 2022 world cup?  Who is your favorite football star?Which team is your favorite?Please cheer for them.hand your the tags or sign,give the great support to him, print the name on the wooden pendant.Brazil? England? Germany? Or France?

Use the UV printing, let your wooden pendant more beautiful!