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Keychain designed for motorcycle---fabric embroidery keychin


Have you ever seen a motorcycle with horrible looking scratches around the ignition key hole? Or a car door with messy marks surrounding the door handle? This key tag has been specifically designed so that this won't happen to your beautiful motorcycle or car. They are constructed with durable fabric 100% Cotton, so there are no sharp edges to scratch up your paintwork!

Let’s be honest, who hasn't put their gloves on before realizing your key is sitting at the bottom of your pocket? Or your pockets are ridiculously deep and you have to do a little dance to reach your keys at the bottom? This Key Tag solves your problem.The length of this fabric embroidery keychain can even be designed to reach 5.11"(13cm), these key tags give you something substantial and easy to grab a hold of and pull out your key.

And with embroidery patterns, customized unique style or pattern on fabric embroidery keychain.