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Finish packing blanket waitting export to Janpan


Blankets are a class of products we mainly export, specializing in custom-made flannel blankets and short pile blankets in ball game style, cartoon animation style, etc.; Before production, we will check the details of the product one-on-one with the customer, including a series of requirements such as material, size, pattern, pattern size, etc.; and strive to 100% restore the customer's idea. And we will confirm the sample and the packaging method of the sample with the customer before the start. We have more than 10 years of export experience for the blankets. We are very familiar with each link, and we believe that we can arrange the export safely and without error.

We will carefully check whether the pattern printing of each blanket is clear, whether the blanket is clean, and whether it is dropped; before packaging, we insist that each product must pass through a metal detector to avoid falling metal objects, and we will wear headgear and keep The countertop has no other debris other than plush to prevent foreign objects during the packaging process; everything is very orderly.