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What does a 10-year-old sample room of crafts gifts company look like?


It has been 10 years since YAOHUI was established in 2002. Every order will leave a sample. Our sample room is made from scratch; now our products include many handicrafts: such as textile handicrafts, embroidery handicrafts, acrylic handicrafts, etc. other handicrafts;

Plush series has a large number of exported plush toys, plush ornaments, plush pillows, plush keychains and other products; embroidery handicrafts include: sachets, sachets, embroidered patches, coin purses, amulet pouch, bags, etc.; acrylic Because of the characteristics of no discoloration, sturdiness, easy coloring, etc., the application range of the product is wider, and it can be customized acrylic keychain, acrylic mobile phone holder, acrylic photo frame, acrylic stand, acrylic puzzle, etc.

We store all kinds of handicrafts in categories, which not only saves space, but also allows people to quickly find gift samples of different craftsmanship; ten years of precipitation, let us cover most of the commercial gifts on the market with craftsmanship, and can achieve 99.99% perfection Copy, perfect to complete the customer's customized pattern. The rich experience also makes us more familiar with the products of the customers, and can make targeted suggestions, make excellent products, and make the customers more satisfied.

Thousands of products, there is always one that meets your requirements, if not, then we create it for you!