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Various uses of plush cloth in plush toy, how to choose good plush stuffed toy?


Plush cloth has many applications in life;

Plush toys are mainly made of plush cloth, PP cotton and other textile materials, and filled with various fillings. They can also be called soft toys and stuffed toys. In Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, they are called "plush dolls". At present, we habitually call the cloth toy industry as plush toys.Plush toys have the characteristics of lifelike and lovely shape, soft touch, not afraid of extrusion, convenient cleaning, strong decoration, high safety, and wide application. So, plush stuffed toy is good partner as a sleeping player for children. Plush toy can be designed more shape cute animel toy and cartoon anime plush toy. the best gift is Soft Plush Stuffed Toy to your babay on Christmas day, Children day, or other Festival;But What are the cloth for making plush toys?

Plush toy fabrics mainly include: dense velvet, velvet, peacock velvet, peach velvet, pine needle velvet, fish bone velvet, PV velvet and special finishing of the above products.
Among them, the relatively high-end fabrics are: South Korean cashmere, Heim cashmere, V yarn (more simulated animal toys), cashmere, coral cashmere, super soft short cashmere, sheared cashmere, etc.

By the way, the filling material is very important for the plush stuffed toy;
how to take care of the plush stuffed toy?
If you can't open the plush toys for inspection, it's best to touch them by your hand.
First, touch the 100% PP cotton with your hand. PP cotton will feels like a down jacket. It feels very soft and uniform, without any foreign matter feeling and hard object feeling. If your hands are pressed against any part of the plush stuffed toy, you can basically put on your hands together without any foreign matter feeling. There is only uniform soft cotton. If the filling material is bad.When you touch it with your hand, you will feel foreign objects, and feel like a piece.