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Some of the pictures or style published on this website are customized for different customers, they are protected by legal copyright.it can not be infringed the legality of this website  and related rights holders. it means,when using any content or services of this website for other purposes, you must obtain the written permission of this website and relevant rights holders, of course,it also can be use for person study,appreciation,but we can not offer the same goods or same pictures show on the goods, we welcome OEM or ODM.but all the style and picture should be customized by customer.
So, the picture style craftsmanship of this website is just for reference,Plush stuffed toys,Pendant,Pillows,Handbags,Chanel bags,Tote bags,Purse,Acrylic jigsaw puzzle,Key chain,and kinds of sewing groceries etc. can be customized according to customer requirement.